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Poetical Expressions 97
( The illustrations )

            “Poetical Expressions 97” ( The illustrations ), a unique book of its own kind in the field of the art.  It is, perhaps, the very first book on the Computerized Presentation of The illustrations in the world over.

            Ninety Seven Poetical Expressions, in black and white, through pen and ink, based on Imaginations and Experiences, were compiled and edited; thus was named accordingly : “Poetical Expressions 97”.

            It is a unique combination of fine feelings and deep thoughts well expressed through the abstract art on nature, symbols and physical balances.

            Since it is an illustrations book, language no bar at all, the Artist has done the Calligraphy himself for the preface of the book ( Two Words ) in nine languages of the world, each on a separate page, just to establish a direct relationship with the reader / viewer.  Over these pages, the Sun begins to rise in the first page, arises further gradually and is seen fully arisen in the last.

            The Style & Settings of the book has also been done by the Artist himself.  The Scanning of the Expressions and it Computerized Setting on each page, including framing or whatsoever, has also been balanced by the Artist himself to keep the level high in each and every field.  Superb fonts showing the right characteristics were selected.  In all, three fonts were selected for whole of the book.  Out of these, two fonts have brush-based strokes, for the Title and the Name, and the third one is a general, in general.

            No caption, couplet or the tint of a word is named to the Expression, but each one has been given a Number only.  If words are given to an expression, the mind revolves round and around the words, by which a path is set in the mind set.  The mind can only be free fully, if the name is silent and the speculator is free to think as one feels and palpitates according to one’s own whims and flights, whatsoever. But to recognize, an arithmetical number is given to each illustration by the Artist.  The book contains 112 pages in all, but there no chapter, no index, no numbering on the pages as per its style of own. Moreover, the Artist found no necessity in this regard, at all.

            The illustrations are Edited in such a way that both the pages, facing each other, depicts the same thought, thus having a symmetry in a style of its own.  To have a concentrated concentration on any illustration, a blank Bookmark is provided for, by the Artist, just to cover the other facing illustration, to show the deep sensation for the art.  The first illustration clearly shows that the flame of love is burning in the heart, an essential qualification and the basic requirement to understand these poetical expressions.  The illustrations, one by one, moves like a story of love; pre love stage, the love stage, post love stage, break through of the heart, wandering on the earth, renunciation of the world, surrender before the Almighty and vanishing in HIM, ultimately.  In the end, a few more expressions on miscellaneous thoughts like bravery, happiness, patriotism, solitude et cetera are there to show versatility.  Some illustrations show a very different attitude on simply rotating or reversing the same on the next facing page.

            Special Effects on the illustrations have also been given effect effectively, where found necessary, for a quicker and a deeper understanding of the expression, put forth by the Artist.

            As all the expressions are in black and white, the Title of the book was accordingly designed in black and white, too, by the Artist.

            After obtaining Master Prints for the book, a very good quality of heavy paper was consumed for clear and better understanding of the expressions.  A very high class offset printing of the book along with its jacket in colours, and its binding were got done, as well, as the Artist is a Publisher, too. The back of the title shows that the Artist is also a Poet, as well, and these expressions may be read in the true spirit in which these actually were created, in his Urdu Poetry Book named “Khwab-O-Khyal”, in Indo-Persian script.  This book has since been further fully transliterated by the Poet / Artist himself into Devnagri and Gurmukhi scripts through the computerized fonts developed in each, after transliteration, by the Poet / Artist himself with a partial translation in Hindi and Punjabi languages, respectively and separately, with these poetical expressions by the Poet / Artist, on the same pattern, under the same caption, again “Khwab-O-Khyal” ( Ek Drishti / Ik Nazariya ).  The poetry may also be heard through audio cassettes or digital versatile disc, with a little background instrumental music, named “Khwab-O-Khyal” ( The Vision ), in which the Poet has recited his poetry himself.

            Right from the original thought of the expression, including their development and creation, to the hard copy, that too in the shape of a book, there is only and lonely, one man named SURESH BRIJ SUROOR.

            The Artist has dedicated all his works to his father SH. BRIJ BIHARI LAL ARTIST, known as ‘Master of Portraits’, whose oil painting, a photograph of which inserted in the book, has since been made by the elder brother of the Artist, DR. RAJ BRIJ, a Scientist in the U.S.A.

            The artist, SURESH BRIJ SUROOR, born in Jalandhar and a Post-graduate in Economics, had been serving the nation as a Civilian Gazetted Officer under Ministry of Defence and is now settled, after retirement, at Chandigarh.