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“Doharfi Tasveer”
( A Sketch in Short )

“Doharfi Tasveer” ( A Sketch in Short ), a unique poetry book of its own kind in the field of literature.  The Poetry, in Punjabi, based on Imaginations and Experiences, is being depicted through the scenes, as spread out before the eyes, in the form of the words, thus named accordingly : “Doharfi Tasveer” ( A Sketch in Short ).

Every thought, combined with fine feelings, as is seen by the eyes, is well defined through the words, to enable the reader to imagine strictly as per words, as a screenplay and a movie in motion, and to play well in the mind of the reader.  A feel is since been given to each reader, to be therein in the shot, every time, in the view so described.

The Poems, having multiple styles of writing, is under Compilation, without any division as a one piece, in a style of its own, by the Poet & Artist.

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